Sex, Drugs and Sausage Rolls

The hype of celebrity relationships brings about a euphoria and excitement in us that we ourselves long for. For example the reason that we love films with a happy ending is because we ourselves sometimes feel like we are the stars of our own movie and we long for our own happy ending. So the sex, drugs and no sausage rolls policy of the modern-day women have to be modified from the movie version to the reality version. Every woman out there wants to be loved wants to be kept warm on those cold nights and wants a man who can wine and dine her but they have to be realistic.

The drugs by the way is not recreational and doesn’t actually involve any drug taking of any kind, we are actually speaking of the euphoric feeling you get when you embark on the roller coaster that is LOVE. The sexual attraction has to be there, but the modern-women wants more than just that nowadays, they want a hell of a lot more than just that. They want someone who can be the rock of their life and at the same time take them to the moon and the stars. They want men to look like the famous action star and at the same time have the modesty of an Ancient Greek hero. Yes they want the ideal man, the sterling movie character that makes all their dreams come true. And that’s exactly why these men are dreams, they don’t exist in the real world and the sooner women realise it, the better. They will lower their standards and the many innocent men who enter relationships hoping for a positive encounter won’t be held up against these momentous standards that they cannot realistically be measured up to.

The sausage rolls, is the way in which many women measure themselves against the screen stars and models of the catwalk today. More and more women eat celery than ever before, because they love the taste? No because you burn more calories eating celery than you consume eating it. Women all over the world, mainly the western world are constantly watching their weight, slimming down for summer or for a wedding whilst at the same time losing weight for the winter. It is no longer a seasonal sport weight loss, it has become a 365 day a year business and the aspiring women that follow all the different diets that exist out there follow them as their modern-day bible.

Us men do not have a chance when it comes to women these days, even if we do get a girlfriend, they will more than likely measure us up against the meteoric characters of Hollywood actors and expect us to be someone we cannot possibly be. So don’t hold your breath it’s not worth it, besides the women in your relationship probably hold their breath long enough for both of you, trying to hold their stomachs in.

Life is short and it is so important that you work at being the best version of yourself, and while you do that keeping your woman happy should become a whole lot easier. So even if you are being measured up against a Hollywood superstar and you don’t quite measure up make sure that you are the best that you can be. If that is not good enough for her then leave her and move on, because she is not worth it. Be your woman’s knight in shining armour and you will more than likely be good enough for her as well as feeling a great sense of achievement and satisfaction for yourself. So as I say be the best that you can be and you can’t go wrong either way.